Rega is the fourth in terms of length (after the Oder, Vistula and Pasłęka) rivers in Poland falling into the Baltic. The trail of the Rega is one of the most beautiful and attractive canoeing routes in Western Pomerania as well as in the country. The streams diversify with numerous obstacles, varied shore vegetation, bent and old river beds and the meandering nature of the river. Rega looks like a river in the middle of the forest. Hanging willows, alders, ash and small forest lanes make the coastal landscape very colorfull

On the Rega canoeing trips are a great way to go. We organize one- and multi-day events with security guided tours, rescue, logistics, and culinary services.
Examples of canoeing trips:

  • Route – Borzęcin – Trzebiatów
  • Route – Trzebiatów – Mrzeżyno
  • Route – Gryfice-Trzebiatów – Mrzeżyno